Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dirty Looks HK Hair Extensions

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Dirty Looks and asked if I'd like to review a set of their HK hair extensions*. I always wear a hair piece or extensions at the weekend or on a night out because I like to add volume to my fine hair so I'm always up for trying new products. I'd already heard great thinks about Dirty Looks extensions from other bloggers so was excited to receive them. You might have already seen a few photos on Instagram and Twitter of me wearing them as I've already had them in every weekend since I got them.

The HK extensions are full head, remy human hair and come with 10 wefts including a quad weft. They come in 21 colours and 4 lengths so there's bound to be something that suits you. The shade I was matched to is called 'Butterscotch Blonde Highlighted' and I got the 16"-18" inch so that they were the same length as my natural hair. I always find it hard to get extensions that match my hair well as there's so many different colours of highlights and lowlights in it but when these arrived I was amazed at how perfect the colour was.

When my extensions arrived in the post, they didn't come in typical hair extension packaging. Instead they were in a pretty purple box which I love as I always find it hard to store my extensions in the plastic packaging they usually come in. The other great thing is that there is a test piece of hair to make sure it's the correct colour match. So many times I've opened extensions and then can't send them back when the colour isn't right so Dirty Looks are definitely ahead of the game when it comes to this.

As I said before, the extensions come with 10 wefts of hair including one quad weft (4 wefts sewn together). I feel that 10 wefts is a lot so when I've been going out I've only been putting in the quad weft, the 3 clip, two of the 2 clips and two of the 1 clip pieces (6 in total). This gives me so much extra volume without having to add the rest of the pieces, even just the quad on its own makes a huge difference. The quality of the hair is amazing and as it's human it can be washed and styled just the same as your natural hair. I also usually need to curl my hair to wear extensions as it blends them better but with the Dirty Looks extensions I can wear them straight because the length and colour looks so natural.

In the bottom photos I'm wearing the extensions but to see my hair natural you can look at the photos in my previous post. These are definitely the best extensions I've tried so far in terms of colour and quality. The full set of HK extensions cost between £87.49 and £142.49 depending on which length you go for but they are currently on sale at the moment starting at £69.99. If you're interested in a new set of extensions you can buy them online here. You can also follow Dirty Looks on Twitter and Instagram: @DTYLOOKS.