Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dior New Look Multi-Dimensional Mascara

I started using the original Dior Show mascara when I was 17 and it's been my favourite ever since. I decided I wanted to try a new mascara and then spotted a review for the new Dior New Look Multi-Dimensional mascara on the lovely Jennifer's Blog. It looked amazing so I went straight out and bought it.

This is a volume and treatment mascara that contains a volume enhancer and a lash multiplier TM serum to thicken, separate and extend your lashes. Over time your lashes strengthen and appear fuller. It also has a nano-brush, which in the picture you can see is about half the size of my original Dior Show mascara brush. I think the small brush is an excellent idea as sometimes I find it hard to do the smaller, inner corner lashes and bottom lashes but this makes it really easy.

Before                                             After

As you can see in the photos above this mascara really works! My lashes are longer and thicker and the nano-brush ensured that I didn't miss any. I've applied two coats of the mascara here but you can apply less or more depending on what look you want to go for. The mascara costs £23 and can be purchased at House of Fraser.

What do you think?


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Soap & Glory - Glow Getter

"She was sunny and beautiful and bronzed - she was real"

One of my favourite 'going out' products to use right now is Soap & Glory 'Glow Getter' face and body sun powder spray. It is an instant tan that gives your skin an airbrushed look and it really works! It comes in a spray canister that's really easy to use.

 I apply it by spraying it on and rubbing it in gently with my tanning mitt (it doesn't need rubbed in a lot). I usually wear it over my usual weekend Lauren's Way or St Moritz tan, but it can be worn on its own too.I love using it on my legs most, but I also spray it on my face before I put on my foundation which gives a really good base.  This has definitely replaced Rimmel - Sun Shimmer in my life because if you spill a drink or if it rains it doesn't go streaky or give you those white rain drop marks!! It does wash off in the shower, but only if you use a lot of soap! 

Here's a picture to show you the difference in my legs once I applied it. The right one looks so much more airbrushed and it's covered all my blemishes, which is what I love most about the tan!

For a while this was sold out EVERYWHERE and I eventually had to order it from the Harvey Nichols website. Now you can get it here for £10.50 for 100ml or in boots stores. Will you be trying this airbrush tan?