Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Soap & Glory - Glow Getter

"She was sunny and beautiful and bronzed - she was real"

One of my favourite 'going out' products to use right now is Soap & Glory 'Glow Getter' face and body sun powder spray. It is an instant tan that gives your skin an airbrushed look and it really works! It comes in a spray canister that's really easy to use.

 I apply it by spraying it on and rubbing it in gently with my tanning mitt (it doesn't need rubbed in a lot). I usually wear it over my usual weekend Lauren's Way or St Moritz tan, but it can be worn on its own too.I love using it on my legs most, but I also spray it on my face before I put on my foundation which gives a really good base.  This has definitely replaced Rimmel - Sun Shimmer in my life because if you spill a drink or if it rains it doesn't go streaky or give you those white rain drop marks!! It does wash off in the shower, but only if you use a lot of soap! 

Here's a picture to show you the difference in my legs once I applied it. The right one looks so much more airbrushed and it's covered all my blemishes, which is what I love most about the tan!

For a while this was sold out EVERYWHERE and I eventually had to order it from the Harvey Nichols website. Now you can get it here for £10.50 for 100ml or in boots stores. Will you be trying this airbrush tan?



  1. I have been looking at this for while not sure if I was going to get it or not, but you sold me! I am definitely going to buy this now(:

  2. thanks for your sweet comment, love your blog, i'm following!