Saturday, 17 November 2012

Benefit Brow Zings

After about a year of stealing my sisters Benefit Brow Zings, I decided it was time to buy one for myself. You'll see in previous posts I've mentioned that I've used this but only because I always sneak into my sisters room and use hers oops, she also uses it on me every time she does my makeup. Until now I was using either a Bobbi Brown or an MUA brown eye shadow to fill in my brows as I love having a dark, defined look. I only started filling in my brows when I was about 17 which was with a Rimmel Brown eyebrow pencil and before that I just used to leave them. Looking back now on pictures it looks so strange not having my eyebrows filled in as now I can't imagine leaving the house without them done. Eyebrows frame your face to I think it's important for them to look good. Sometimes I wish I had thicker brows, as you can see above without them filled in they're really sparse with no shape to them. Although I am quite lucky as I don't have to pluck them much, I just usually have a few strays underneath.

Brow Zings is a complete eyebrow kit and includes:

  • Pigmented wax for shaping
  • Natural shaded powder for setting
  • Tweezers
  • Hard angle brush
  • Blending brush
  • Mirror
Brow Zings comes in three shades; light, medium and dark. I went with the dark as my eyebrows are naturally dark brown. When I'm doing my eyebrows, I start off by tweezing any stray hairs. In the instructions you are given with the kit it says to use the shaping wax first, however I like to use the powder to give my eyebrows the shape I want and then use the wax on top to set it (In the picture above the wax is on the left and the powder is on the right). I use my New CID Cosmetics angled brow brush (which I got in my brush kit when I worked for them) instead of the brushes that come with it and sometimes if I'm in a hurry I skip the wax step and it still lasts all day. 

Overall, I love this product and I've been using this every single day since I bought it, it's so much better than the eyebrow pencil or shadow that I used to use. It is a bit pricey at £22.50 but for a product that will last you ages and one you use everyday I definitely think it's worth the money. What do you use to fill in your eyebrows? Have you tried Benefit Brow Zings? I definitely recommend it!


  1. I use mystery eye shadow by MAC but have been thinking bout getting this for ages, might put it on my Christmas list :) thank u for sharing xxx

  2. I have a brow kit from elf that is so similar to this (minus the tweezers) and cost less than £4! is does the trick fine with a powder and wax and I don't think I'd use anything else now! brow kits are SO much better than using pencils! xx

    1. ohh really? I'll need to try that x

  3. Hey Melissa, great product review, I love a bit of Benefit! I really like the variety of posts you have on your blog, its a good mix. I wonder if you would like to follow each other? x

  4. Your brows look great! I might give the ELF one a go

  5. i've been looking for a new brow kit... i don't know whether to go with a cheap one and save some £ or invest in a more expensive one, but i just one something that really really suits my brows. this seems great :) my eyebrows are also really dark.

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  7. I only started filling mine in when I was 18 after chicken pox left me with a hole in one :( but looking back I'm like oh god why didn't I start earlier?? Haha. Currently I'm using an Avon pencil thingy but not sure what I'll use when it runs out :( xx

  8. I love Benefit's Browzings!
    Definitely have to invest in this again!!

    The Misty Mom

  9. You have great eyebrows, really defined yet soft. there's nothing worse than eyebrows so precise they look tattooed on!

    Lea x

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