Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What's On My Bedside Table

I saw this post on p0larmilk (go check out Rebecca's blog, it's great) earlier and thought it was a really interesting and different post to do. As I said, I'm struggling to take photos of products late at night due to lack of light, but I think these ones look good with the camera flash.

Right now this is what's on my bedside table, although it's usually much messier than this with a few empty crisp packets or makeup covered cotton pads. I love having a candle lit in my room at night, it helps me relax after being at work and this one has an apple scent so it makes my whole room smell nice. I also have flowers which is rare for me but I love having them in my room, they're so pretty and a lovely touch.

I like to have a moisturiser and lip butter close to me, especially now that it's winter and my skin is getting drier. Right now I'm loving Nivea! I'm using the Caramel Cream lip butter - it smells amazing and the Pure & Natural moisturiser. I actually only picked this up because I couldn't afford my usual Clarins Daily Energiser but it seems to be doing the job just as well and I have no complaints. I apply them both before I go to sleep so it's handy to have them on my beside.

I also always have a magazine or book on it for some bed time reading and two of my favourite magazines are Elle and Grazia. I love that Grazia is more of a high end weekly and Elle is just my all time favourite, I have a huge collection of them.

You've probably spotted my Harry Potter Slytherin mug too. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter (I know, such a geek) and I've always got this mug on my bedside filled with either Tea or Coffee depending on the time of day.

What do you think of this post? I think everyone should do it, I'd love to read them.


  1. Ohh look at Cheryl so pretty.

    I think something to read is essential in bed. I don't believe in having TVs in rooms, I like my room to be somewhere I can relax.

  2. Cool post! I'm gonna make sure to look out for that lip butter :)

  3. ah i love this post melissa, im such a nosey lady and its like a secret little glimpse into someone elses life. i love having a candle on my bedside table too, youre right its definitely relaxing!so cute with your mug too hehe i think i might actually do this post too at somepoint, its really cute. did you see zoella do bedside beauty? xx

    1. no I've not saw that yet i'll have to take a look! yeah you should definitely do it I'd love to read it xx

  4. I've been loving these posts cause I'm so nosey!! The used make-up bags and crisp packets sounds like my bedside table right now! xxx

  5. Lovely post :) I really like posts like this but then I am pretty nosey haha x

  6. I love seeing others bed side cabinets, mine is an utter riot though! I do always have at least one lip balm next to my bed through! xx

  7. Great post! I'm loving these bedside table posts that are going around! ahha Just started following you! xx


  8. I love posts like this, simply to have a nosey haha. Love your blog :))



  9. Aww cute you love Harry Potter!
    Great post hun, loved it and love your blog ;-)

    Vanessa x

  10. Excellent post your bedside table is so gorgeous and well organized. I just have a table lamp, an alarm clock, books, and some DVDs….. click To See Bedside Table