Thursday, 22 November 2012

If I Was Rich...

Like a lot of my fellow bloggers, I also got an email from Beauty Sets telling me about their brand new blogging tool and thought I'd have a little play about with it. So here are a few of my dream Christmas presents...

  • Christian Louboutin Heels - For so long I've lusted after Louboutin's and been jealous of everyone who owns a pair. My favourites are the simple black Daffodile platform heels. Maybe one day I'll save up and get myself a pair - I can't resit the trademark glossy, red sole!

  • Alexander McQueen Scarf - I've got a lovely little Primark copy of this scarf that cost me an amazing £3, but who could resist the deal real? I love this colour for Autumn/Winter. Maybe if I'm good Santa will bring me one.

  • Mulberry Handbag: I've wanted a Mulberry handbag ever since I started getting into fashion, so almost forever. My favourite is the Oak Bayswater because it's such a classic and I don't think it would ever date. I've asked my whole family just for money for Christmas and I'm going to save up a bit and treat myself to this! 

What's on your luxury Christmas list?


  1. My last few wishlist posts have been done on beauty sets - it's just so much easier! And I've been meaning to do an 'If I Was Rich' post for ages, but it would be really big :( lol x

  2. Oh so THAT'S what that is! I just ignored it haha but it looks really cool I'll need to go and investigate! Love the heels but I think I'd actually just topple over lol! xx

    1. haha yeahh you should go on it its fun! haha I want them so much xx

  3. A Chanel bag would def be on my luxury list! Love the BeautySet's outline, going to give it a try soon x

  4. What a wishlist! I'm dreaming of a Sophie Hulme bag. They are my faves. x

  5. Don't worry Melissa, Christian Louboutin heels are on every girls' wish list! :) Indeed, who can possibly resist the trademark red sole. :)

    Hope your get everything on this wish list - soon!

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  6. LOVE the Mulberry bag!! Definitely need to win the lottery haha :) xx

  7. I think I'd die if I ever got a McQueen scarf! X x

  8. Ah, I love Mulberry bags. I've wanted one for FOREVER but they are just so expensive! Love the wish list & blog :) x

  9. Hi lovely! Thanks for sending me your link over on twitter :) I've been eyeing that Alexander McQueen too! It's so nice. xx

    Ps. I have a sunglasses giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)


  10. If I won the lottery I would just live in the Mulberry store...

    BTW I know they won't be the same as real Louboutin's, but Honey Boutique in the West End sometimes has fab dupes.

    Love your blog! :) x

  11. Oh I'm so with you on this list hun, Am seriously considering visiting the Mulberry factory shop for a pre-Christmas treat!
    (If I can grab the Fiancé's credit card that is lol)

    Vanessa x