Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Beauty Blogger Tag

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I've been struggling to write posts lately because I haven't had time to take photographs so I saw this Tag on Sarah's blog and thought it was a really interesting and fun tag to do - here it goes...

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I've only been blogging since April and decided to start after coming across the beauty blogging world on twitter. I'm a Makeup Artist and love everything to do with beauty so I wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts and findings with people who felt the same way as me.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?

Belles Boutique - I came across Laura's blog while on twitter one day, completely fell in love with it and started reading it daily. She definitely inspired me to start my own and I'm still a regular reader!

Most important part about doing a blog post?

The most important part for me is getting perfect photographs. If I can't get my photos just the way I want them then I won't continue to write the post until I get them right. Spelling and grammar is also pretty important, but blurry/out of focus photographs are one thing that puts me off a blog.

What kind of camera do you use?

I don't use anything special, I just use a Hitachi HDC-I409EP. I really want a DSLR but I can't afford it so I just make the most of my little digital camera. I make sure to use natural light and no flash for my photographs and also use white paper/card as a background to make them nice and bright.

What was the first blogosphere hyped product you bought and was it worth the hype?

I'd say it has to be a Revlon Lip Butter. Not long after I started blogging these were popping up everywhere with great reviews so I had to pick one up. To be honest, it was not worth the hype to me! At first I loved it but after a while it melted and began to snap and looked pretty messy, every time I tried to use it it would get everywhere. This happened with both the lip butters I bought so it put me off them and I've not used them since.

What are your 5 favourite things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?

  1. All the lovely blogger friends I've made and speak to every day, it's great to talk to people who understand my addiction with beauty products.
  2. It looks great on the 'Hobbies' section of my CV because before I blogged I never really had anything interesting to write in that section apart from 'socialising'. I also think it gives me an edge when going for an interview and definitely think it helped me get my new job.
  3. My makeup collection is bigger and better than ever now because I like to keep up with all the beauty hypes and trends.
  4. When people tell me they read my blog and that they've found products they love because of my reviews - sometimes I still can't believe people actually read my blog.
  5. Discovering products and brands that I would never have came across before.

Have you changed anything since becoming a beauty blogger?

My skincare routine is much better now that I've started blogging, I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily now and take much better care of my skin. I also take more risks with my makeup - before I'd never wear a dark berry lip but these days I don't feel right without my lipstick on.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

It takes hard work, time and dedication to make your blog successful and if you stick it out, it will definitely happen. Also have fun with it, it shouldn't be a chore. 

You're favourite eyeshadow palette?

Right now it's the MUA Heaven & Earth palette which is great for every day and for nights out. I really want the Urban Decay Naked palette's though.

The best beauty deal?

When Boots has it's 3 for 2 on - I just love it!

Make up regrets?

When I was about 14/15 my makeup was terrible. Glitter eye liner, eyebrows not filled in and gallons of clear lipgloss - yuck!

Name your top 5 beauty brands?
  1. MAC
  2. NARS
  3. Rimmel
  4. Benefit
  5. Chanel

Recommend your top 5 beauty products?
  1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
  2. NARS Laguna Bronzer
  3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
  4. MAC Angel Lipstick
  5. Dior Show Mascara

I tag all of you!!


  1. I love your blog! It's refreshing and nice to have posts I can relate to, it's difficult when all girls post about is luxury items, but you have the balance just right!

  2. Good tag. Always wonderful getting to know other beauty bloggers. I also treasure all the blogger friends I have made.
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  3. Look at that macbook! Amazing!

    I love getting to know other bloggers, they're so friendly and it's great to share your passion with someone who really understands.

  4. Love this tag! It's good to get a little insight on the person behind the blog from time to time. I'm going to bookmark it for the next time I've got writer's block =) xx