Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How To: My Weekend Hair

A few people have been asking me how I do my hair for a night out and if I could do a blog post on it, so I've finally decided to do it. It was quite hard to show you in photos but if there's any questions just ask in the comments - it's actually really simple!

What I use:

  • Velcro rollers
  • Clip in hair extensions
  • Dust it/Plumping Powder
  • GHD straighteners 
  • Denman backcombing brush
  • Volumising Hairspray

Step 1: I start by sectioning my hair and putting in velcro rollers and if I have time I'll put them all over my head but if I'm in a rush I'll just put them at my crown to add volume. I then heat them up with the hair dryer and spray in some hairspray to set it. I usually do my makeup and things while my rollers are in then take them out about an hour (ish) later.

Step 2: Once I take my rollers out, I start clipping in my extensions. I have 10 pieces so I just start from the bottom and clip 2 in each layer of hair. My hair is only a couple of inches shorter than my extensions and I mainly use them to add thickness to it as it's quite thin.

Step 3: Once my extensions are in I curl them using my GHD straighteners. You can also use curling tongs but I feel like my curls last longer using straighteners, they tend to fall out if I use tongs. My extensions are usually still curly from the last time so sometimes I don't need to do much to them.

Step 4: Once my hair is all curled, I like to add some Osis Dust It or TRESemme Plumping Powder to my crown as it helps give my hair volume and also helps the backcombing stay in.

Step 5: I use my Denman backcombing brush (which is amazing) to backcomb my hair at the crown in sections. I then smooth my hair over the top of the backcombing to hide the birds nest!! 

Step 6: I finish off my hair with loads of hairspray to hold it in place then use my hands to mess it up a bit.

So there you go, that's how I do my hair when I'm going out and as you can see it's actually really easy. Hope this post helped the girls that asked how I do my hair :)


  1. Beautiful!xxx

  2. Aw wow this looks lovely! Your extensions look really nice and natural, mine look too ratty when I wear mine :( I always try and get volume using the same techniques you've mentioned but I never get a result as good as yours! :( xx

  3. Wow, your extensions look so natural - never would have known they were extensions otherwise! x

  4. ahh you look gorgeous! That back combing brush is a holy grail, I don't think I could cope without mine! haha xxxxx

  5. So glad you actually done a post on your hair routine, thanks!! :) I can never seem to get my hair to blend in with the curls even though i use my rollers.. Im going to cooy your little routine tomorrow and see if I can acomplish beautiful hair like yours! You should next maybe do a post on which products you use! *hint* aha!x

  6. So pretty!! I couldn't live without my clip in extensions. And I have the same tattoo as you behind my ear =) xx