Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rodial Brazilian Tan: Light

If you don't already know I'm a huge tan lover, whether it be real or out of a bottle. I wear fake tan all year round and there will very rarely be a day where I don't have it on. The only time I don't wear it is when I've been on holiday and have a real tan from the sun. My skin tans really well and my natural skin tone (before picture) isn't that light so fake tan takes to my skin well and I'm always looking for the darkest one. I've tired a lot of tans during the years and my motto is 'the darker, the better' so I was a bit skeptical to try the Rodial Brazilian Tan in Light*.

Rodial's Brazilian Tan range has been re-formulated to leave the skin glowing and glossy and is enriched with pomegranate ellagic ingredients that help tone the skin every time it's applied. It comes in different ranges including dark, light, daily and facial tanning. The 'Light' tan is designed for lighter skin tones to provide a natural glow all year round. The formula is a light-weight, tinted gel that promises not to block pores and keep the skin hydrated for a longer lasting tan. It gives an instant caramel tint when applied and then develops in to a natural tan in 4 hours. It also smells like caramel which I love - no horrible fake tan smell!

I found this really easy to apply as it was tinted and it dried quite quickly without leaving me feeling sticky. From the photos above you can see that it has given me a really subtle tan. However, every time I purchase a fake tan I always go for the 'dark' option (or when it comes to the one I'm using right now, 'Darker Than Dark') as light doesn't usually make much of a difference to my skin. To be honest this tan just doesn't make enough of a difference to me and personally I prefer my tan to be much deeper and darker. I know some people might think I'm crazy and be like, what?! but it's just my own personal preference.

If you are naturally really pale and are looking for something to give you a really subtle glow then this is the tan for you, however if you already have quite dark skin or prefer a deep tan then I wouldn't recommend it. I was going out the next night and quickly applied a darker tan over the top which I felt more comfortable with. It also comes in Dark though so maybe that would be better for me. The Brazilian Tan Light retails at £35* and can be purchased online here.

Have you tried the Rodial Brazilian tan range or is this something you'd be interesting in trying?


  1. I can see a subtle difference in your skin tone. Looks pretty natural, and I love that it was easy to apply for you. Good review.
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  2. I thought the 'after' pic showed quite a big difference! I know what you mean though, if you're using a fake tan you want to look seriously bronzed! X

  3. Ooh I think you can see the tan quite well ! You look pretty dark ! I know what you mean though being a tanning addict and all 8) xxx

  4. There's a big difference! Even though you don't think it's dark enough. I think it's pretty dark, in a natural way without being too much :)
    A fake tan that smells like caramel, hmmm!

    Great review :)


  5. NIce colour, but I'm like you and like an uber dark tan hehe, great for winter though when you don't need to be too dark.


  6. This still looks like it gives you an amazing sunkissed glow! I'm always skeptical about tan after many a streaking-issues! This one looks really good!

    Megan xxx

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