Friday, 15 June 2012

Lush Sugar Lip Scrub

I've always had really dry lips and am constantly applying lip balm. I also found that lipstick doesn't apply very well to chapped lips, so I was in need of a quick fix! The other week I went in to Lush for a browse (as you do) and saw the lip scrubs at the till point. I've heard a few bloggers mention this product and really wanted to try it. 
There was three flavours: 'Bubblegum' which obviously smells of bubblegum, 'Sweet Lips' which smells of chocolate and vanilla and 'Mint Julips' which is mint and chocolate. I went for the Bubblegum as I loved the smell and it was pink! 
It has fresh ingredients including Castor Sugar and Organic Jojoba Oil and after scrubbing and buffing, definitely made my lips a lot smoother.You know how you get those beauty products that smell so good you could eat them?...Well once you've scrubbed your lips, you just lick the excess off! (if you want). This is a really great product to use before applying your lip balm or lipstick and it will last for ages, so is definitely worth the £4.95 price tag. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and have hardly made a dent in it!



  1. Love this stuff, although it does have a tendency to dry up after a while if left unused which is a pain.


    beckys makeup

  2. I love the Mint Julips one! But I really want to try and make my own stuff as it's probably really cheap to make compared to a fiver haha! xx

    1. good idea! You're always up for being creative,I'm so lazy

  3. I have actually never tried the lip scrubs! They do look amazing though, mint julips sounds very nice!

  4. I want to try this! Such cute packaging!

  5. I have the choc one :) they're lovely and so great that you can eat it!

  6. Hey,

    I suffer from dry lips myself -- so this may be what I'm looking for, also with the fact that it's made by Lush, I'd say it's probably worth a try.

    My brand new cruelty free blog:

    Alex, Xo

  7. I've tried this, the taste is amazing aswell lol!