Friday, 22 June 2012

Neon Acid Wash Nails

Recently on a few beauty blogs I've seen acid wash nails and decided to give it a go! I've gave it my own little spin by using a neon which is a must have at the moment.

What You Need:

  • 2 nail polishes the same colour, but different shades
  • Cotton wool
  • Nail polish remover
  • Clear top coat

The two polishes I used were Nina Ultra Pro in 'Fuschia Rage and Nicki Minaj for O.P.I in 'Pink Friday'.
I created the look firstly by painting my nails with Fuschia Rage and leaving them to dry then putting on a coat of Pink Friday. Once my nails were fully dry, I soaked the cotton wool in nail polish remover and dabbed it on my nails to create the acid wash effect. I then finished off with a clear top coat. I found this really quick and easy to do and I really like the effect it's given. So if you want to try something different on your nails and don't have much spare time, I definitely recommend you have a go!
Have you tried acid wash nails?


  1. I've never tried this but it looks really easy yet produces something really effective!


  2. I love this effect, beautiful colours too xx

  3. This looks really good!! :)

  4. Ive never tried this but it sounds so simple! Thought it would be much more complicated but ill definately give this a whirl :) Love the colours xx

  5. That looks fab! I'm going to give that a try very soon!

  6. Great effect! The pink polish is really pretty! Great blog :)