Wednesday, 19 September 2012

DIY: Studded Collar Shirt

Studs are everywhere at the moment and so are studded collars. I've seen lots of lovely studded collar shirts on websites such as Missguided, but since I've had not had much money I've not been buying them. I've already made a pair of DIY studded shorts before so thought I could do it with a shirt as well.

What you need:

  • an old shirt/shirt you don't wear anymore
  • rivet studs
  • tweezers

 The other day I was clearing out my wardrobe and came across a cream ASOS shirt that I haven't wore in about 6 months and decided I could bring it up to date if I added some studs to the collar. I went on ebay and ordered some gold studs for £1.99 (bargain). The studs came in a couple of days and I was ready to start studding!

It's so easy to use the rivet studs, you just push them through the material and use the end of your tweezers to press in each of the four little rivets to secure it. You can do any design you want, I chose to do four rows which only took me about 5-10 minutes. The picture above is of my finished shirt.

What do you think? I'll definitely be customising some more of my clothes this Autumn. You could try it with jeans, leather jackets, bags and boots. Have you studded any items this season?



  1. This looks amazing! Lovely!

  2. o i love your diy posts i wish i had the patience and skills to do it myself this looks so professional just like you have bought it! x

    1. its really easy Charlie, you could do it! xx

  3. Love this idea! Keep seeing posts on DIY studding but I'm too afraid to do it myself incase I ruin the item of clothing! Fab way to keep old clothes up with the trends though xx

  4. I love it!! Great way to give an old blouse a face lift :)

  5. Great idea, it looks really good! x