Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Primark Bargains

The other day I was shopping and went into Primark to see if I could get any bargains. I've been wanting one of the army jackets with the PU sleeves for a few weeks now but I was holding off until pay day because I didn't have much money left. I'd seen the one in Zara a while ago which was £79.99, one in Topshop which was £65 and one in River Island which was £55. I decided I was going to buy the RI one but when I went into Primark I saw one very similar and it was a bargain at £25!!

Although it's not as good quality as the other jackets, it was less than half the price so I thought I might as well get it. I'll probably only wear this jacket for a couple months as it'll get colder and also it'll probably only be in fashion for one season so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I won't wear after this Autumn.

Since I'd found this little bargain, I thought I'd treat myself to something else. My eyes went straight to this tan shopper bag which was only £12! I needed a new handbag as I'd been using the same one since Christmas. I'd always lusted after the Zara shopper bag and although it's a slightly different shape, I think it's a great dupe. This bag also comes in black so I think I might have to get it next month since it's so cheap. I've been using it everyday so far and it goes with almost everything.

Have you found any bargains or dupes lately?



  1. Look at that Primark bag ! wow what a copy!!


  2. Great buys hun!! Loving the bag :)


  3. omg ive been oggling that jacket for so long now but not wanting to part with the cash cos as you say, itll be in ffashion for one season. what a great dupe!! and the bag too.... gotta love the primark knock offs! xx

  4. Oh my god, that jacket is beaut! x

  5. surprised to hear that le tan shopper bag is that affordable!

  6. I am lusting after both of these! primark has some great dupes, i now need a trip to primark haha x


  7. that bag is beautiful! does not look like a primark item at allit looks really expensive i think im going to get this jacket too x

  8. Really like the look of that jacket - I think i've seen it in my local Primark but it looks better in your picture!
    Claire x

  9. I love both these items! I thought the shopper bag was from Zara at first glance - must keep my eyes peeled for that one :)

    the jacket is lovely too - looks exactly like the RI one xx

  10. I have this jacket too and I love it! I never saw that bag when I bought it though. It's lovely :) xx

  11. I'm so pleased you got this jacket recently, I'm desperate to get it this weekend and I was worried it would be sold out everywhere- you've renewed my hope!xx