Saturday, 9 March 2013

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

I don't know about you, but one of the steps I neglect the most in my beauty regime is body moisturising. It's only since I've became a beauty blogger that I've started taking an interest in what I use on my face, although I'm still not quite there yet (some lazy nights I still reach for the face wipes, I'm sorry). So I thought it was about time I became a good beauty blogger and start moisturising my whole body daily.

At first I started using my Soap and Glory body butter but it still seemed too much of a hassle for me (I really am that lazy). However, last week while I was reading Kate's blog I noticed a product that looked like it could solve my problem - Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil. A spray that moisturises and doesn't need much rubbing in? Yes please! So while I was in Boots last Saturday I picked up a bottle.

I've seen a few body oils on blogs in the past but they were always a bit out of my price range and I never really thought about using them. However, at just £7.99 it seemed reasonable (I think you can actually get it cheaper than this other places). This light weight oil is 5 times more concentrated in nutrients than any of Garnier's regular body lotions and enriched with 4 precious oils - Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose, a dream for your skin. These ingredients work together to not only moisturise your skin, but illuminate and perfect it. It also has a really subtle scent which I love as it isn't too over powering.

I've been using this product twice a day for a week now and have already noticed a difference in my skin (before I'd only moisturise every few days when I could be bothered). My skin is feeling much softer and definitely looks a lot better. It's also so easy to use, just a couple of sprays covers a large area and only needs rubbed in a little bit. I was worried I'd be feeling greasy all day (flashbacks of using oil on my summer holidays) but it isn't greasy at all, it dries in and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this product and think i'll be sticking with oils instead of lotions from now on. Are there any body oils you recommended?


  1. I just done a recent post on my favourite body oils- this being one of them! I too, am soooo lazy with moisturising but this is so much quicker and, I feel. a lot more effective. Another thing to try, when you want to fully indulge, is put that oil in then put Soap and Glory body butter on after- skin has never felt so soft genuinely!! X x

  2. I love using body oils as they lock in more moisture and leave a silky film on the skin to protect and soften. I am currently looking into purchasing an argan oil as I have heard so much good things about it but this is a cheaper option so going to give it a go for sure! :D great post x

  3. I'm loving body oils at the moment, don't know why I havent tried this yet!

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