Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How To Get Ashley's DOI Plaited Look With Osis+

[Image from Ultimate Ashley Roberts edited by me]

Last week Immediate PR tweeted asking if any beauty bloggers would be interested in recreating Ashley Robert's plaited hair look from last Sundays Dancing On Ice using Osis hair products. I've seen a few bloggers do these posts before and jumped at the chance as it looked really interesting (and I love Dancing On Ice and Ashley). I also really love the Osis products, especially Dust It. I received the products on Friday and have been practicing all weekend as it looked quite tricky.

The products I got sent to create the look are Schwarzkopf Silhouette Color Brilliance hairspray, Osis Curl Me Soft curl cream, Osis Magic anti-frizz serum and Osis Sparkler shine spray. Here are the steps to follow to recreate Ashley's gorgeous hairstyle:

Step 1: Apply Curl Me Soft to damp hair and blow dry.
Step 2: Curl hair using tongs or large rollers to add bounce (I improvised and used my GHD's).

Step 3: Put your hair into a center parting from the front of the hairline to the nape of the neck.
Step 4: On each side, French braid the hair from the nape of the neck up to the front hairline and finish with a small amount of Silhouette Color Brilliance.
Step 5: Cross over the two braided ponies at the front and pin into the already French braided hair.
Step 6: Pull and loosen braids to get more of an edgy feel and run some Osis Magic through the hair to stop frizz.
Step 7: Finish off the hair with Osis Sparkler to get that red carpet look.

I absolutely love the finished look, obviously it doesn't look as amazing as Ashley's as I'm not a professional hairdresser and I did find it difficult to do the French braids from the bottom up to the front of my hairline so I got my Mum to help me out (thanks Mum). If you aren't very confident with French braiding, then I suggest you get someone to help you too. I also love all the Osis products that I was sent and will continue to use them in my hair routine. 

Thank you Immediate PR for giving me the opportunity to recreate Ashley's hair, I'll definitely be doing it for a special occasion soon. What do you think of this braided look, is it something you'd think about trying?


  1. This hair style looks so nice on you x

  2. I love this look on you!
    Will deff give this a try myself :)

  3. So pretty I love this and its so perfect the way you have finished it. I wish I could do this but to be honest I have never tried this or anything much on my hair but should be more creative :) great post x

  4. Aw it looks so good on you! I can't get it to look like this on me hahaha I can't quite get it right and don't want to do my post until its perfect. It's such a beautiful hair style, it looks so sophisticated and suits you so well :) xx

    1. It took practice and help from my Mum haha! I actually did a dutch braid instead of a french braid to make it look like that which is where you plait the hair under instead of over (if that makes sense). I watched a youtube tutorial xx

    2. yours looks so nice! i'm also struggling with mine. i've taken the photos but not sure if i'll upload it yet. i could really do with an extra pair of hands to help me but i think the boyfriend will be more of a hinderance then help x

    3. I definitely couldn't do it without help! It would have been so hard to do the plaits :( xx

  5. Wow.. I truthfully think yours is better than Ashley's! It looks amazing :) It would have taken me ages to do this! It's gorgeous xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Eii so glad you put this up! :) I'm going to try this at the weekend! xx

  7. The plaits look so hard to do but wow the end result is amazing!

  8. This looks amazing! xx

  9. Just started blogging and have been following some people on instagram, i came across your blog (and sisters) as i'm also from Glasgow and have loved looking through the posts - definitely going to try this out soon. Your posts all look so effortless and easy, I doubt i'll be able to do it like this ha!

    Great blog :)