Saturday, 23 February 2013

Benefit Glamouriety Roadshow

First of all sorry I haven't been blogging this week, I really haven't felt up to it and have had a lot on my mind...but I'm back! Also my sister, Rebekah is getting all the credit for these photos as I was too busy holding (downing) free champagne to take any photographs.

On Tuesday, the lovely Scottish Beauty Bloggers Lori, Ruth and Rebekah along with myself attend the Benefit Glamouritey Roadshow. The event was exclusively for Benefit staff but we were very lucky to be invited to join them. Glamouriety is a film that tells the story of Jean and Jane ford, the co-founders of Benefit cosmetics and we were invited along for drinks, nibbles and to watch the movie.

The event was held in the the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow's Merchant City, Benefit made the venue look absolutely stunning with fairy lights and gorgeous center pieces. The first thing I thought when I walked in was wow, I'm so under dressed! Everyone was dressed so glamorous in amazing cocktail dresses and I was in quite a casual red dress (I immediately ran to the toilets to apply more makeup and backcomb my hair). We were greeted with pink champagne that was flowing all night long (free champagne and a 7am start in work do not mix well) as well as wine and some Marc Jacobs Diet Coke (obviously put a can in my bag). 

After we all had a bit too much bubbly, we were seated to watch the movie. All I have to say is it's one of the craziest films I've ever seen and I actually really enjoyed it. There was also a performance from a comedian who was hilarious and then the british founders Ian and Gail made a speech. We were also lucky enough to be introduced to and have a chat with Ian and Gail (pretty sure I just slurred something about how much I love Brow Zings and They're Real!) who were lovely and really interested in what we had to say.

Finally, it was time for some food (I hadn't eaten since 11.30am, it was now 8pm) which was delicious! Mini bowls of fish and chips and Thai green curry to start and some chocolate torte and meringues for dessert. The rest of the night was spent chatting to everyone and drinking some more, it's safe to say we were all feeling a bit fragile in the morning. I always have such a great time at Benefit and the girls (and guys) that work for them are just the nicest people ever. There's one of my fave Benebabes Claire in the bottom picture with the lovely Andrew - who recognizes that Mulberry?!

Overall, it was a really good night and I'm looking forward to the other amazing events I know Benefit will hold.


  1. I love the photo of the flowers in the large glass, looks so lovely! Sounds like you had a great night with some nice food. Hate it when you go to these kind of events and you're given food thats too post to even consider eating!

    Can't go wrong with fish and chips (oh and free champaign)

  2. Ohh you lucky lady! I'm so jealous! Last time I was in Sephora I chatted with one of the Benefit girls for ages. I love the company story. And I was a little too excited when I found out that Jean & Jane are from the same state as me. Looks like you had a blast! xx