Saturday, 9 February 2013

Girls With Attitude Lashes

 Double Lash* - £6.00
 Voluptuous* - £5.00
 Swept Away* - £5.00
 Diva* - £5.00

As you all know I'm a huge fan of false eyelashes, I refuse to go on a night out without them on. I usually always go for Eylure 140's or Ardell Demi Wispies as they're my favourite, but I recently got contacted by Girls With Attitude to ask if I'd like to try theirs and I jumped at the chance. I was asked to go have a look on the Girls With Attitude website to see which styles I'd like to try out. I was overwhelmed with all the different ranges and styles of lashes that it took me ages to decided! I finally settled on Diva, Double Lash and Swept Away as they were all different styles and they also kindly threw in a pair of Voluptuous lashes too.

When the lashes came I was so excited as they all looked gorgeous, I couldn't wait to wear them. I also loved the pink, girly packaging they came in. On Saturday I wore the Diva lashes to my friends 21st Birthday party, you can see them in my post here. They were absolutely gorgeous on and really easy to apply as they came with a small tube of glue with an easy applicator. I just applied the glue along the vein of the lash, let it go tacky then sat them as close to my own lashes as possible and pressed them down with the end of a makeup brush. I also applied mascara over the top to blend them in. They fit my eyes perfectly and I didn't even need to trim them, which I sometimes need to do with other makes. Although I did find it a little tricky to get the inner corners to stick, but they eventually did and lasted all night.

In my opinion, Girls With Attitude have a much wider range of lash styles that other makes which is great for me as sometimes I like a natural look (Swept Away) and also I love going all out and going for full on glamour (Double Lash). I will definitely be repurchasing these as I love every single pair and there are so many more on the website. Also at £5 a pop, they're actually on the cheaper side. You can buy these amazing lashes on the website here. Have you ever tried GWA lashes? What do you think of them? I think they're my new favourite lashes!


  1. These look lovely on you. I can;t pull off fake eye lashes but they look so good on your eyes! xx

  2. Love the look of these! xx

  3. These look amazing! They make your eyes look fab very Cheryl cole!
    Http:// xxxx

  4. They are all so gorgeous! I love the Dramatic x

  5. These are definitely my favourite eyelashes! They look fab on you :) x x x.

  6. These look so pretty and really natural in a way going to get myself a pair for v day :) x

  7. They look lovely, I've never been able to apply false lashes yet I have hundreds. They're just too pretty to not buy hehe xx

  8. Oh i love them! They're so pretty on you :D xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. they look so beautiful!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  10. I need to stock up on eyelashes... desperately...

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