Monday, 8 April 2013

Getting My Faux Glow Back

Throughout the Winter I kind of neglected my fake tan unless I was going on a night out, but now it's Spring time I decided I need to up my game and get my glow back. I was looking back at photos from my holiday in Ibiza last summer and I was SO tanned it upset me at how pale I am right now so here are some of the fake tans that I rely on...

  • The Instant Tan: My favourite instant tan has to be Soap and Glory Glow Getter. This is just an instant tan, sort of a body makeup that I like to put on my legs if I'm wearing a dress or skirt on a night out. I discovered this tan about a year ago and have used it ever since. I like using this when I've already got a bit of tan on so it gives me a gorgeous airbrushed look. I actually did a post of this way back when I first started my blog, (cringe) If you'd like to read it (don't laugh) you can here.
  • The Gradual Tan: I used this gradual tan a few years ago but when the lovely Christine who I work with mentioned it again I decided to pick one up. I went for the deep one as I'm not that pale to begin with and I do love a dark tan. I apply this when I get out the shower and it has a lovely apricot smell that reminds me of summer. I've only used this twice and I already have a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow. I also love that its a two in one - moisturiser and tan (since you know I always neglect my body moisturising) and it's under a fiver! This is definitely a tan I'll continue to use every day during the Spring and Summer months. 
  • The Weekly Tan: If I've got a night out or special occasion planned I like my tan to be that little bit darker. I usually use St Moritz which is a really cheap tan that gives me an amazing colour but right now I'm loving Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan. I love the colour this tan give me, a deep golden brown colour and not orange at all. I apply this with my tanning mitt before I go to bed because you need to have it on for 8 hours before you wash off the guide tan. It lasts about 5 days which is really good and doesn't come off patchy if I exfoliate every couple of days. It also has a lovely scent which is always a bonus - none of that biscuit fake tan smell! 

I've also decided I'm going to buy the Clarins Liquid Bronze facial tanner when I get paid on Friday and will definitely be doing a review on that once I've tried it out. What are some of your favourite fake tans?


  1. Sienna x is an amazing tan, we used the spray tan in the salon and it was amazing! x

  2. Today was my first day of using the Garnier lotion! Nice to read about it as well as a couple of others. I'm so new to tanning, I need all the info I can get!!
    Nicola xx

  3. I love a gradual tan. I swear by dove by I've used the garner one as well, it does smell lovely! I'm also so pale just now, better get the dove out!

  4. I love the Garnier body! One of my favourites :)

    Love your blog, following you! X

    Alara x

  5. I did not know Soap and Glory had an instant tan, interesting! Great post hun x