Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

As you all know, fake tan might just be my all time favourite beauty product. I wear it every single day and apply it about 2-3 times a week which can be a bit of a pain but I'm pretty dedicated to my tanning routine. I've tried loads of different brands over the years and a few have stood out, however there has always been one issue: I have a last minute night out and my tan has to be worn for 4 hours before I can shower. This situation always ends up with me out without washing the guide colour off and smelling like a biscuit all night (not attractive). 

That's where Cocoa Brown one hour tan* comes in! This new innovative tan by Marissa Carter promises natural, bronzed skin in just one hour. Yep that's right, after just one hour you can shower and wash the guide colour off leaving you with a glowing tan for up to 5 days. Also as an added bonus this mousse dries super quickly and doesn't have that horrible fake tan smell. 

I have to admit, I've used this tan roughly 5 times over the last 2 weeks (told you I was dedicated) but you can just apply it once a week making sure you exfoliate regularly. I'm absolutely loving this tan, it gives a gorgeous natural colour after one application however if you like a deeper tan like myself I apply it two days in a row or even leave it on for 3 hours instead. I did however end up in my usual situation and wore it out without washing it off on Saturday (I did my makeup and didn't want to ruin it by showering again) but this time I didn't smell like a biscuit as it has a sort of floral scent when you first apply it which eventually fades and becomes odourless. 

I find fake tan mousse much easier and quicker to apply than a lotion and use a tanning mitt for an even application (orange palms are not a good look). I know a lot of people don't like to, but I apply fake tan to my face as well (every second day as it fades faster on my face) and Cocoa Brown tan seems to agree with my skin as it hasn't broken me out. 

Overall, this tan is definitely a winner and I can see myself forever repurchasing it. It's quick and easy to apply, a lovely colour and it's inexpensive, what's not to love? I also think this would be a great tan for first timers or someone who isn't very confident when it comes to applying fake tan. Cocoa Brown tan can be purchased at Superdrug, Boots and Primark (to name a few) for only £7.99. Is this something you'd consider purchasing? 


  1. Oh sounds lovely, I love that it has a floral scent also!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Can't wait to get this, I'm a huge tan fan like you! xo


  3. Sounds great! I'm always having to go out either pale and (un)interesting or smelling like a biscuit! xx

  4. I got this too, i love it!!! and how thick the mousse is. the packaging is gorgeous too :)


    becky x

  5. Have loved mine from the FABB event for exactly the same reasons and I'm just as addicted as you lol (and also use tan on my face too, so you're not the only one!).

    Great wee post hun! :)