Monday, 28 October 2013

Layered Flicked 3/4 Wig from Wonderland Wigs

[Natural Hair]
[With 3/4 Wig]

When I go on a night out I never feel done up without my tan, eyelashes and hair extensions. I've been wearing clip-in hair extensions for about 7 years, ever since I was 16. I've always had long hair so the extensions have never been to add length, I just use them to add volume as my hair is really flat and fine.

When I was given the chance to try out a 3/4 wig from Wonderland Wigs I was so excited as my sister has one and I've always wanted to get one for myself. As I always wear my hair with a bit of a curl/wave I chose the Layered Flick 3/4 Wig* and one of the lovely girls at Wonderland Wigs colour matched me to the shade 8H12/24 Mixed Brown Blonde Highlights. I'd always been reluctant to buy one of the 3/4 wigs as I never thought I'd get one to match the colour of my hair but this shade ended up matching my hair perfectly and looked really natural.

Wonderland 3/4 wigs come in a range of different colours and styles to suit everyone and the particular wig I chose is double volume with natural flicks and layers. Each wig has two hidden flexi combs at the front and back (which you can see in the photo above) that slide into the hair to hold the wig securely and comfortably in place. To put it in you simply section off the front part of your hair, slide the wig into place and then backcomb the front section over it to hide the line where the hair and the wig join. I like to add a few kirby grips (bobby pins) to make sure the wig definitely wont budge when I'm out.

This particular wig isn't real human hair, however you can get real human hair from Wonderland Wigs which are a bit pricier. Despite it being synthetic, it still looks really natural and you can keep it maintain by using special wig shampoo and conditioner that you can also purchase on the webiste. The standard length of my wig is 28 inches, however I cut a couple of inches off the bottom to make it roughly the same length as my natural hair.

I've wore this out on two nights out so far and I'm absolutely loving it, it's so much easier and quicker than clipping in rows of extensions. If you're a fan of extensions and glam voluminous hair I definitely recommend checking out Wonderland Wigs. The Layered 3/4 Wig costs £25.99 which is an amazing price considering I spend aroung £60/70 on my clip ins.

Are you a fan of hair pieces or extensions?


  1. wow this looks amazing - can't believe how much volume it's added in an instant! Never ever used a hair piece but im a big fan of clip - in extensions. Will have to have a look at Wonderland Wigs :) xx

  2. Oh this looks gorgeous girlie! Fantastic colour match
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. Ah this looks really good. It looks extremely natural and the colour is great.

  4. Wow that wig looks so natural!!! I have to try one of those bad boys!!

    Laura xx

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  5. You look so gorgeous Melissa! Such an amazing colour match and such a bargain!xx

  6. It suits you realy well and adds alot of volume onto the hair x

  7. looks great! sweet blog

  8. That looks so natural! Absolutely amazing hun! So much volume! xx

  9. This looks so amazing and natural! Looks great

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  10. this is gorgeous on you! :)

  11. Omg that looks fantastic! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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  12. It looks amazing on you, I have never tried extensions or wigs before x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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