Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Stargazer Cosmetics

[Temporary Eye Tattoos £4*, Paper False Eyelashes: £6*, Liquid Eye Liner Blue £3.50*, Lipstick 206 £3.50*, Blusher 9 £3.50*, Eyeshadow Arctic Blue £4*, Baked Duo Eyeshadow in Denim £4*]

[Eye Makeup look with the Temporary Tattoos]

Stargazer was a cosmetics brand I was introduced to while studying Makeup Artistry at college when I was 16. They always had the most extravagant lashes and wild coloured lipsticks and shadows for Avant Garde makeup looks, not to mention I was obsessed with their neon pink nail polish. When I was contacted and asked to review some of their products, I was interested to see if they were still something I'd be interested in years later.

First of all, I start with the products that stand out to me. The product I was most intrigued about when my package arrived was the Temporary Eye Tattoos.* I wasn't sure they would work or that they would stay on but one night I had time to play around with my makeup before I went out and decided to create an eye makeup look using one of the styles which you can see in the Instagram photo above (sorry about the quality). To apply them you cut round the tattoo, press is again your eye and wet the back of the paper for a few seconds with a face cloth until the tattoo transfers on to your eye. It stayed put all night and was even quite tricky to take off. I love the different look it created and if you like to be adventurous with your makeup they are definitely something to try out. I also loved the Paper Lashes*, I've tried them on but not had a chance to wear them yet. They were extremely easy to apply and I love the cute bow design. 

The other products I loved were the Blusher* and Lipstick.* For such a small price, the pigment of these products is excellent. You only need the tiniest amount of blusher on your brush for a gorgeous pink glow and the coral coloured lipstick looks gorgeous paired with a coral cheek. The only negative I'd say is the packaging, but for the price I suppose you can't expect anything too fancy! 

Now on to a couple of products which were nice, but just not my style. The liquid eye liner* in blue had a reasonably good pigment and the tiny brush made it easy to apply. However, I'm a neutral eye makeup kinda gal so this isn't something I'd ever wear. Again, the pigment of the eyeshadows* was great but blue isn't a colour I'd ever go for on my eyes. If you like experimenting with different coloured eyeshadows then these are such a bargain, I'll unfortunately be sticking to my neturals. 

Overall, I'm still pretty impressed with the Stargazer products and would definitely repurchase lipsticks, blushers and lashes again in the future. I might even re-order that pink nail polish I was obsessed with! What do you think of Stargazer as a brand and have you ever tried any of their products?


  1. I love the eye makeup you've done here, it's so pretty! I'e got a Stargazer post coming up soon too xx

  2. Wow the eye tattoos look amazing, great value too :) x


  3. Love those eye tattoos. I'm pretty useless with eyeliner! This is like the perfect solution x x x




  4. The eye makeup is amazing! I want my eyes to look like that x


  5. WOW! This is very impressive, I love the look of the temporary tattoos!

    Rose xo


  6. Love the eye tattoos! Did they leave any irritations on the skin at all? (other than you maybe having to scrub them a bit to get them off).

    Saw you at the FABB Glasgow event...apologies I never actually spoke to you! Hopefully bump into each other at another event in the future. Have to say I absolutely loved the trousers you were wearing!