Wednesday, 18 April 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colours

I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games, (you should definitely read the books) so I was so excited when I heard China Glaze were bringing out their 'Capitol Colours' collection. The collection has 12 nail polishes, each one representing the 12 different districts. Each Nail Polish relates to it's district, for example District 4 specializes in Fishing and their nail polish is called 'Hook & Line.'

I found it really difficult to choose which ones to buy as I love them all, so I ended up choosing District 11 - 'Agro' and District 12 - 'Smoke & Ashes.' My friend Jacqueline bought District 1 - 'Luxe & Lush' and let me photograph it!

My favourite out of the two I purchased is definitely Agro as I've not got a colour similar to it. It's a sort of Khaki Green colour and has a lovely shimmer to it. I like Smoke & Ashes too but wish it was sparklier as it's quite subtle and from a distance it just looks plain black. However, I needed a new black nail polish so I'm happy with it. I only needed to apply one coat of each as it's quite thick and it dried really quickly!

I think both these colours go well together!

Here is a few pictures of my friend Jacqueline's nails with Luxe & Lush. This polish is more of a top coat that can go over another colour. Jacqueline has put it over Rimmel - Apricot Punch. This is only one layer of Luxe & Lush but you could add more for a different look. I really like this nail polish as it's different from my usual glitter top coats. 

I'll definitely be buying another couple of the Capitol Colours, I've got my eye on Electrify & Dress Me Up.
Have you tried any of the Capitol Colours?