Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ohh La La Vs. Coy

After seeing so many great reviews on Topshop lipsticks I went in the other week and bought both 'Ohh La La' & 'Coy.' I couldn't decided between the two colours and had seen a few blog posts on Coy, so ended up buying both. Coy comes in a pencil which is £7 and Ohh La La is £8 which is quite reasonable.

Both of these lipsticks are quite a similar colour and on the Topshop website they're both described as 'Coral Blush.' In the picture Ohh La La is the top and Coy is the bottom. 
When I tried both of these on I found that Ohh La La suited me more as it was slightly darker and not as matte as Coy. Coy ended up drying my lips out quite a bit, whereas Ohh La La was really moisturising. I also felt that my skin tone really didn't suit Coy which disappointed me as it looks amazing on other beauty bloggers I've seen wearing it! I'd really recommend Ohh La La if you find you get quite dry lips.

Here is a picture of Ohh La La on. I didn't post a picture of Coy on as it didn't suit me but maybe if I tried it with a lip balm or gloss over it I'd like it better!  Whats you're favourite Topshop lipsicks?


  1. Ooh pretty! I really want to buy some Topshop make up but I am controlling myself at the moment as I clearly have too much as it is lol!

  2. Looks lovely :) I really like Topshop cosmetics, I mentioned on my blog that I normally hate when high street stores bring put cosmetic ranges, but Topshop are brilliant! I love their nail polishes xx

  3. I keep reading that coy is really drying, but I love the colour! I have quite dry lips anyway so don't think it's going to be a good idea haha.
    Ohh la la sounds like a much better alternative though :) x

    1. yeah i'd definitely recommend it if you want a similar colour :) x

  4. gorgeous!!!!


  5. I absolutely love this colour! I've never tried Topshop make-up... I might give it a go now :)


    (new at blogging)