Friday, 13 April 2012

I Heart Neon

Hey Guys, it's Melissa
This is my first post so be kind!

So everyone that knows me knows I have an obsession with everything neon right now. At first I wasn't brave enough to go out and purchase something full on neon so I started with my nails.

The first two I bought were Ultra Pro - Fuchsia Rage and China Glaze - Orange Knockout. I got these both from Sally's and as I have a trade card the Ultra Pro was about £2.50 and the China Glaze £6. Both these polish's have a matte finish as you can see in the first photo, which personally I like. However, they also look good with a shiny top coat which I have applied in the bottom picture. They go on reasonably thick and I only had to apply two coats.

The next two are from the Nicki Minaj O.P.I collection (I know I'm a bit behind getting these) and they are 'Did It On 'Em' which is a green/yellow and 'Fly' which is a green/blue. I got them in a mini 4 pack collection from ASOS which cost £12.95. The large ones separately are £11.00. I love these colours and again only had to apply two coats. In real life they aren't as bright as they look in the photo which I'd of liked. I think I'm going to buy a large 'Did It On 'Em' as it is definitely my favourite.  

The Nicki Minaj set also came with two other colours - 'Pink Friday' and 'Metallic For Life' which I'll probably do a post on in the future.

Hope you liked my first post!
what do you think of neon - love it or hate it?


  1. I LOVE these bright colours!! The pink is neon gorgeousness :) Love your blog!!

    1. thank you means so much! just getting started so need a bit of practice xxx