Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation

Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundation has been a big hit in the blogger world and I can definitely see why, this is now my favourite foundation. I went to the Laura Mericer counter in House of Fraser the other week to pick this up and got colour matched to the shade 'Cashew Beige' which is perfect for my skin whether it's natural or I have some fake tan on. It only took one application for me to fall in love with it!

Silk Crème foundation gives a 'flawless natural coverage' which I totally agree with. It has a medium to high coverage without looking cakey and leaves the skin with a gorgeous, luminous glow. I love applying it with my Real Techniques buffing brush, it gives it such a flawless finish. The best thing about this foundation is that because it's so pigmented you only need to use the tiniest amount, less than half of what I'd usually use which means it will last much longer before I have to (and I will) run out and buy a new one. It also lasts all day on my skin without needing a touch up and doesn't leave me looking shiny after a few hours (bonus).

Although a lot of people have said they don't need powder with this foundation, I have an oily t-zone and couldn't imagine not using powder so I do use a little of my Rimmel Stay Matte. I tried to take photos of me wearing it but my camera ran out of battery, so you can see me wearing it in this post here.

As it's a higher end foundation it is a little pricey at £33, but to be honest I think it's totally worth it. I usually like to spend a little more on foundation anyway and I definitely recommend this particular one. Have you tried Silk Crème foundation?


  1. I'm hoping to get matched to this at the weekend! I hope I love it as much as you!:) xx

  2. OH I love this foundation so much! It's completely worth the £33! Great post :)

    Nicole xx


  3. ooooh i have my eye on this, im using the laura mercier tinted moisturiser at the moment, and although i love it, its really more of a summer coverage. This sounds great :) x

  4. This sounds great but I fear it's not one for my oily skin :)

    1. its actually really good for oily skin, it doesnt go shiny at all. my sister has oily skin and loves it x

  5. This is my OTF (one true foundation.) The only one I ever truly need x

  6. This looks lovely, really want to try!


  7. oh i'm picking this up this week! I've been wanting to try this for months. I really do need this in my life, not that i don't have enough of foundations.. lol. I just hope this will not break me out ..

    xx Liyana

  8. I have had my eye on LM for so long now, but I never buy it for some reason!

    I think this foundation will be my first though!, fab review lovely :D

    India - Jewel Beauty Blog

  9. I soo nearly bought this the other day, but am going to try and get a sample first! Love the sound of it so much, and it does look lovely on you. Great review :) xx

  10. This looks like a little beauty :) i suffer with oily skin too so id love to have a whirl with it. Got to branch on from MAC haha :P Lovely post!

    Love Emily xx


  11. I've just spent so so much money on foundations over the last few months & since then I've heard so much stuff about this and I want it so much! I have really sensitive skin though so I get a little worried, don't want anything cakey - I reckon this sounds lovely
    thanks :)

  12. I've heard so many good things about this product, it's definitely next on my to buy list! Great review :)
    Chloe xx

  13. It sounds gorgeous and it looks like a lovely big tube too :) xx

  14. I've wanted to try this forever, definitely going to have to buy it. It looks amazing! X

  15. I have this foundation, but seem to always struggle with applying it! It seems to look patchy on me sometimes, which is unfortunate because I really love the finish... After reading this post, I'm going to try and reduce the amount I'm applying and give it another chance.. I want to love it so bad!


  16. I've been thinking about getting this for a while now and def think I will after reading this! x

  17. I love this foundation! I love the amount of coverage it gives with out looking cakey! It's my favourite foundation :) x