Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What I Got For Christmas

I know I'm a little bit late on doing this post but I've finally found some time! I've already done a post on my main Christmas present which was my Mulberry Bag but I thought I'd show you the other little bits and pieces I got.


From my Mum and Dad I got a Phil Smith Blonde Bombshell set which will be great to keep my highlights looking nice and fresh, some dry shampoo and hairspray because I'm always running out, Dirty Works body scrub, a couple of cute little makeup bags to go in my handbag and a Korres plum lip butter. The lip butter was actually on my sisters wish list but I got one too and I'm loving it - will need to do a review on it soon!
My boyfriend got me NARS Laguna bronzer because before Christmas I had hit pan on mine and was moaning it was running out, he actually does listen to me. From my friend Emma I got a gorgeous pink NARS nail polish that I think I'll try out tonight. I also got some TIGI shampoo from my aunt that I can't wait to use.


My main present from my boyfriend was a Pandora bracelet with two charms, one from him and one from his Mum, which was a lovely surprise because I've always wanted one. My aunt got me some earrings and rings, my sister got me a cute little Oasis bracelet and my Mum and Dad got me Oasis earring too.


So as well as my bracelet, bronzer and my trip to Edinburgh, my boyfriend also got me the Cheryl Cole book (spoiled). My Mum and Dad got me the rest of the 'I Heart' book series. I love I Heart New York, I've read it about four times so I'm excited to start reading the rest of them.


My Mum got me a couple of tops from New Look, a wine coloured lace one and a black vest with crosses on it - I'm loving crosses at the moment! My sister got me a lovely gold peplum top which I wore on Christmas day.

So that's mostly all of the things I got for Christmas, I was so lucky and extremely spoiled! Have you done one of these posts? If you have please link them to me in the comments :) Hope everyone got spoiled this Christmas and here's to 2013!


  1. Lovely gifts hun!! I got the plum lip butter too and can't use it till I get some bloomin pics for the blog haha *blogger problems* ! I really want to get that Cheryl book as well - I think it will be an interesting read :) xxx.

  2. Such lovely gifts! I really want to read Cheryl Cole's book too! I love the jewellery you got to! So pretty. Hope you had a lovely christmas and new years :) x

  3. Ohh lovely gifts hun! I really want to get that lip butter!:D xxx

  4. you got some amazing presents :) i love reading these posts xx

  5. ooh you got some lovely gifts :) elnett will always be my favourite hairspray! x

  6. lovely gifts! you got me wanting to read the i heart series!

  7. Oh lovely presents :D I saw I heart New York (I think?!) in Asda for £1! I nearly bought it but then I wasn't sure which came first so I just left it :/ my friend has got them all so I'll just borrow from her! xx

  8. You must have been really good last year ;) I'm going to add the I Heart books to my reading list. Can't go wrong with some good ol' chick lit xx

  9. I love the 'I heart' series, and the peplum top looks gorgeous <3

  10. I love the I heart series, so funny and good! You got some lovely things!!


    New follower :)

  11. My mom loves the I heart series, she read I heart Hollywood when we went on holiday and has read the majority of them now I think!