Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Necklace Haul

[1. Topshop £7.50/ 2. H&M £9.99/ 3. H&M £9.99/ 4. H&M 7.99]

Recently I've been a bit addicted to buying statement necklaces and thought I'd do a short post to share them with you. I love wearing a statement necklace with my jumpers in the winter, it can dress them up or just finish off a simple look. I especially like wearing them with a plain black jumper and jeans or disco pants during the day which can also take me into night time if I don't have time to change. I've been wearing the cross necklace to death since I bought it, but I think my favourite is number 2! I've had so much wear out of all of them this winter and think I'll continue to during the warmer months (if we get any). Since I work in H&M, I'm always seeing the new jewellery that comes in. There were so many pretty necklaces to choose from, but I managed to narrow it down to just 3 - I suggest you go in and have a look! What do you think of my choices? Have you bought any nice necklaces recently?


  1. Those necklaces look gorgeous so pretty :) i love statement necklaces right up my street!! i recently brought a drapey necklace with feathers on which i thought was really pretty and different. Lovely post yet again :)

    Love Emily xx


  2. I love all of these! h&m are amazing for jewelerry right now! x

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  4. I really like #3! You can't go wrong with a good statement necklace :)

    The Style Rawr!

  5. oooo i love them all! i def guna have to go to H&M! xx

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