Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Berry Shades From Primark

Just a short post on a couple of things I picked up the other week. I'm really loving everything berry, wine and burgundy coloured at the moment, so when I was in Primark I couldn't resist picking up a few berry bargains. The first thing I set my eyes on was this gorgeous Alexander McQueen-esque skull scarf that I've been wearing to death lately. It was a bargain at £3 and it goes gorgeous with my MAC Rebel, L'Oreal Plum Passion and my new Mac Marilyn Monroe lipsticks. The scarf also comes in a few other colours so I think I'll pick up another.

The second thing I saw was these gorgeous wine coloured heels. I've just bought a navy peplum dress and was looking for wine coloured accessories to go with it as I love those two colours together. I thought these shoes would go gorgeous with it and they were only £16! Now all I need to do is find a bag, anyone seen any this colour?

I'm also loving my H&M burgundy coat, all my berry lipsticks and my vampy nail polish - I think a knit jumper is next on my list! What trends are you loving for the AW12 season?



  1. oooo these are gorgeous, im on a spending ban this month but that is just TOO cheap for shoes! berry and wine colours are my fav, so glad theyre in fashion again! I'm loving all the fur around this season, deffo going to treat myself to a fur collar! xx

    1. I know I've been buying everything I see that's those colours! xx

  2. Ooh I love the shoes!
    Been wanting some burgundy heels for a while now!
    And the scarf is really cute too :)

  3. Oh those shoes are lovely! I went to Primark the other day but the one I went in was pretty low on stock so I didn't end up getting anything. x

  4. I've did a whole post dedicated to burgundy buys from Primark too we are such good customers haha!!

    I'm running a jewellery giveaway atm if your interested hun :)

  5. That colour is lovely, and from Primark as well :) Gotta love it!

    Lana, xo

  6. I love my berry and burgundys this year, I need to hit primark now ;)