Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I've been wanting to try this particular Real Techniques brush ever since I saw it being used in Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr's YouTube tutorials. I already own the Blush brush and the Stippling brush which I love and my sister has almost all of them which she's used on me while doing my makeup, so I'm a big fan of these brushes.

The Expert Face brush is firm and broad for which is perfect for the application and blending of liquid or cream foundations. All the brushes have 'ultra plush' Taklon bristles which are super soft and help create a flawless, HD finish. The fact that they're synthetic means that they're really easy to wash which is a bonus because I hate washing my brushes. The brushes are also cut to the perfect shape which I love because they're so light and easy to hold while applying my makeup.

I was using the Stippling brush to apply my foundation before I bought this and sometimes used my sisters Buffing brush from the Core Collection. All three of these brushes have multi-uses and can be used to apply powder, cream or liquid foundation. I recently watched Sam's video in which she tells you the difference between the three brushes which I found really interesting so give it a watch. I also sometimes use my Stippling brush to apply my Chanel Univiersal bronzer, but it can be used for highlighters and blushers too.

So, whats my opinion? Goodbye foundation application with my Stippling brush! I love the way my foundation looks after using the Expert Face brush. Sam said she uses the Stippling brush for light coverage foundations, so I'll be sticking to the Expert Face brush from now on as it gives more coverage and a flawless finish which I prefer. It was also a bargain at £9.99 and I got it as part of the Boots 3 for 2. Next I need to get my hands on the Core Collection so I can compare the Buffing brush to these two. Although in the video Sam says the Buffing brush is more for use with mineral and powder foundation.

I think the Real Techniques brushes are amazing and there's no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on high end brushes when you can get these for such a reasonable price - I prefer these to my MAC brushes! Have you given in to the hype and bought the Real Techniques brushes and if so, what's your favourite?


  1. I've wanted this and the stippling brush for ages. Thanks for sharing the link to the video, full of great advice x

  2. Love your makeup looks. You're very talented.
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  3. Thank you for sending you link during the chat, I already follow you to haha! I'll follow you on Bloglovin for good measures!
    I was torn between these brush and the eco tools, I brought the eco tools but everyone is raving about these, I know they are made by the same company but I think I may need these as well :| xxx

  4. I have this brush on my christmas list and im glad that it seems to be working so good for you-ive yet to try any of them :)
    Do you think it has made a big difference with application compared to a typical foundation brush?


    1. Yeah definitely. I sometimes find it hard to blend my foundation well with a typical foundation brush but this blends so well and leaves such a flawless finish xx

  5. I have all of the brushes. The stippling was my favorite, then I switched to the expert face brush & now I'm back on the stippling again =) I typically use the buffing brush to just blend my contour, blush & highlighter all together. I love the whole line of Real Techniques. xx

  6. Great review. Love flawless finishes so will have to purchase this! Heard so many great things about these brushes must start building a collection of them x

  7. I love this brush, it makes my mornings alot easier, lovely blog too :) xx

  8. Its true,my foundation never look better using the expert face brush. Its picture perfect I must say! Buffing brush is amazing for my powder foundation,blends and buff so well. But my favorite brush is,oddly enough,the countour brush from the core collection. Its my blush and bronzer brush. Its small enough to swirl on my round cheek,and of course suited for perfect contouring. The key is just blend,blend,blend! Yes,I would never buy a MAC brush because I have found the brush that I need for as long as I wear makeup. Maybe forever! :)

  9. Now following you hun.

    I've lost my buffing brush on a night out and I can't believe it. I'm tempted to get the expert face brush but I love the buffing brush so much that I think I might have to get another core collection!

  10. I really want this brush! I got the stippling brush in the boots 3 for 2, but I was between that and this and I half wish I'd gone for this (though probably if I got this I'd be wishing for the stippling brush :L)

  11. The Expert Face brush is firm and broad for which is perfect for the application and blending of liquid or cream foundations. All the brushes ...