Thursday, 11 October 2012

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara For Brown Eyes

When Boots 3 for 2 is on, I feel like it gives me a chance to try products that I wouldn't normally pick up as you're getting one for free. When I was in the other day I was struggling to pick a third product, it was between this mascara and an Essie nail polish. Since a nail polish is probably the last thing I need I decided to give a new mascara a go as I was intrigued by the fact that it's meant to brighten your eyes.

Max Factor Eye Brightening Tonal Black mascaras come in three colours that are designed to brighten each specific eye colour: Black Pearl (brown eyes), Black Sapphire (blue eyes) and Black Ruby (green eyes). Obviously, I got the brown one. According to Max Factor, the formula contains light reflective particles which add a subtle brightening effect to the eyes and gem coloured beads which enrich the eye colour. The Masterpiece ifX brush gives "even, clump-free volume and definition."

Personally, I'm not sure that it does actually brighten my eyes or I just think it does because that's what it's meant to do. However, I love the brush, its small so it manages to coat each individual eyelash and as you can see in the photo above it definitely gives my lashes volume.

Overall, I do think that i'll be using it as one of my every day mascaras along with my They're Real! Does it give my lashes volume? Yes. Does it brighten my eyes? I'm not entirely sure but I do like this mascara. You can buy this mascara in Superdrug for £6.99 or online here. If you're looking for a good mascara without wanting to break the bank I recommend you try this.

Has anyone else tried this mascara?



  1. Your lashes look amazing ! Jealous! xoxo

  2. love this mascara! im the same not sure if it really does brighten my eyes, yours do look very brown though :) x

  3. yeah not sure if it brings out the eye colour.. looks super nice though :D x

  4. Gives your lashes amazing volume :)

  5. I need to try this! I've been loving Max Factor mascaras for forever, there's no mascara that matches my lashes so well.
    But wow, what a price difference. In the Netherlands the cheapest Max Factor mascara costs about €15, which is almost twice of the mascara you bought..

    Lovely blog! I'm a new follower!