Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Favourite Blogs

I seen this post on The Big Burd's blog and thought it was a great idea so decided to write one to tell you what my favourite blogs are. I've picked 4 of my current favourites, these are the blogs that I get excited about when I see that they've posted on my blogger dashboard, so if you don't read any of these ladies blogs - start now!!

First up is my all time favourite blog 'The Londoner.' The Londoner is a lifestyle blog written by the gorgeous Rose. Rose blogs about her life, from her amazing holidays, nights out on the town and the delicious restaurants she eats in to her yummy food recipes and what gorgeous clothes she's wearing while doing these things. She basically blogs about her daily life, which I'm very jealous of. Not to mention shes absolutely stunning with a body to die for!  Me and a friend recently made one of her Double Stuffed Oreo Cakes (you have to try it) which is the closest I'm going to get to leading her amazing life haha.

Next is the lovely Kayleigh's blog, Couture Girl. This was one of the first beauty blogs I ever started reading and one which really inspired me to start writing my own. Kayleigh has a really similar taste in Makeup to me which is mostly why I love reading her blog, but it's also bad because I end up buying loads of things. Kayleigh's such a lovely girl and I'm always chatting to her on twitter and she always takes time to answer any questions asked on her blog, she is also gorgeous and looks lovely in all her photos!

Hannah's blog, A Little Beauty Spot is a blog I've not long discovered. I'm so happy that I finally discovered Hannah's blog as it's now one of my favourites. I love the way Hannah writes and all the products she reviews. I especially love her YouTube videos which she's starting doing and I'm loving hearing all about her recent Makeup course and hope she continues to make her videos! She's so cute and looks so amazing in her videos - jealous!

Last but not least is Birds Words which is written by the lovely Beth. I found Beth's blog not long after I started blogging and have been hooked on it every since. I think Beth has a really similar taste in makeup and clothes as me. I love how her blog is a range of fashion and beauty posts and I love seeing what she's wearing as she always looks gorgeous - oh and she has the most amazing hair ever! 

So there you go, my top 4 favourite bloggers. I really suggest you start following these ladies as their blogs are amazing and I hope you enjoyed this little blog loving post - so much blogger love! What are some of your favourite blogs?

P.S why are all you bloggers so gorgeous?!


  1. Awww thanks for mentioning me babe :) your blog is one of my favourites too! I also love Hannah and Beth's blogs but I've never read Rose's blog! Il certainly be having a look now though :) fab post!! Xx.

  2. I love the big burd aka jennifer! Great post ! Big fan of couture girl!!! :) xx

  3. Love Kayleigh and Hannah's blogs but I've never read the other ones! It's on my to do list! xx

  4. aww thankyou for mentioning me lovely! I know what you mean about our similar make up tastes! I spent ages having a read through your old posts last week and wanted so much stuff! haha You're on my list of favey bloggers for sure :)
    I follow all of these girls too :) I need to do a post of my top reads :) xxxx

  5. I love rose's blog too! she has the life I want and the most incredible figure! xx

  6. I'm gonna check them out! :)
    Check out my blog!